Adding a mobile device

A mobile device enables accepting/rejecting access to servers, accessing which require administrator’s approval.


Before adding a mobile device a proxy service must be configured. For more information on setting up proxy for 4-Eyes authentication, refer to Proxy servers configuration topic.

  1. Login to Fudo PAM administration panel using login credentials of the user that you want to add a mobile device to.
  2. Select Management > Users.
  3. Browse the list and click the user object definition.
  1. In the Fudo Mobile section, click Add device.
  1. Launch Fudo Mobile application.
  2. Select + in the top right corner to create new profile.
  3. Select Scan option and scan the QR code.


Alternatively, click Show JSON data, select Paste and paste profile data.

  1. Define profile name and select Save.
  2. Click OK to hide the QR code modal window.
  3. Click Save.

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