Declining pending connections

Fudo administration interface

  1. Select Management > Sessions.
  2. Click i in a specific row

or select pending sessions and click Reject.

  1. Optionally, enter the reason for rejecting given access request.


Rejection reason is displayed on the session list after positioning cursor over the .

  1. Optionally, select Block user to disable user account.


User blocking reason will be the same as the entered session rejection reason.

  1. Click Confirm.

Fudo Mobile

  1. Start and login to the Fudo mobile application.
  2. Select profile that you want to list connections from.
  1. Select pending connection and tap Deny or swipe it left and tap i.
  1. Enter reason why you decline given connection.
  2. Optionally, select the option to disable user account.
  3. Tap Decline to confirm access disapproval.

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