External storage

Fudo PAM enables storing session data on external storage devices connected to Fudo through a fiber channel interface.


External storage in cluster configuration

  • In cluster configuration, each node must have a dedicated WWN object.
  • Data stored externally is not replicated between cluster nodes.

Configuring external storage

  1. Select Settings > External storage.


Fiber channel cards status is depicted by the icons.

  • - both fiber channel cards are operational.
  • - external storage volume is degraded - one of the fiber channel card is down.
  • - both fiber channel cards are down.
  1. Select fiber channel cards operating mode.

    • Failover - data is transmitted using one fiber channel interface. If the card fails, the other one takes over ensuring continuous availability of the external storage device.
    • Load balancing - both fiber channel interfaces are used to transfer data between Fudo PAM and the external storage device.
  2. In the External storage devices section, select desired WWN object and click the i icon.


Click the icon to refresh the list of available storage devices.

  1. Click Save and proceed with enabling session data retention.


Expanding external storage device

After resizing the WWN object, it must be expanded in Fudo PAM in order to take advantage of the additional storage space.


The storage device cannot be down-sized after it has been expanded.

  1. Select Settings > External storage.
  2. In the section describing the WWN object click Expand.
  1. Confirm expanding external storage.
  2. Click Save.

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