Administration panel

System is managed in administration panel available through web browser. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Network requirements

Correct operation requires:

  • ability to establish connections to Fudo PAM on port 443, for administration purposes,
  • ability for users to connect to Fudo PAM and for Fudo PAM to connect to target systems.

Hardware requirements

Fudo PAM is a complete solution combining both hardware and software. Installing system requires 2U (F100x model) or 3U (F300x model) of space in 19” rack cabinet and connection to network infrastructure.

Virtual appliance requirements

  100 concurrent sessions* 200 concurrent sessions* 300 concurrent sessions*
CPU 6 cores 20 cores 28 cores
RAM 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB
  6 months capacity** 2 years capacity** 7 years capacity**
Storage 24 TB 96 TB 288 TB

* Average 30% FullHD, 32bit graphical and 70% terminal sessions

** Calculated for 50 sessions created per day - 70% RDP FullHD 32bit and 30% SSH


Storage size should be determined individually as it directly depends on the number of sessions monitored and recorded by Fudo PAM.

Supported virutalization environments:

  • VMware EXSi
  • VirtualBox

VNC software client requirements

VNC connections require 24-bit (true color) mode.