Cluster configuration

Fudo PAM cluster ensures uninterrupted access to servers in case of cluster node failure as well as enables implementing static load balancing scenarios.


  • Cluster configuration does not facilitate data backup. If session data is deleted on one of the cluster nodes, it is also deleted from other nodes.
  • Data model objects: safes, users, servers, accounts and listeners are replicated within the cluster and object instances must not be added on each node. In case the replication mechanism fails to copy objects to other nodes, contact technical support department.

All data model objects and sessions data are replicated between cluster nodes. Each node stores a copy of data recorded on other nodes within the cluster instance.


In case of a node failure, user access requests will be picked up by another cluster node, determined by the redundancy group priority.

Current session data is replicated to other nodes while the connection is still ongoing.


If the node that fails was recording sessions, those sessions will be terminated…


…and users will have to reconnect.


A part of the session data from the node that malfunctioned, which has synchronized, can be accessed on the other nodes, but the session will be fully accessible once the node becomes operational and session data is synchronized between cluster nodes.


Cluster replication status can be reviewed on the dashboard or on the cluster settings view.

  • Session data - the timestamp of the session data replicated from the given node.
  • Objects - the timestamp of the replicated data model objects.