System diagnostics module enables executing basic system command, such as ping, netcat or traceroute.

To run a diagnostic utility, proceed as follows.

  1. Select Settings > System.
  2. Select the Diagnostics tab.
  3. Find desired utility, provide necessary parameters and click i.
Command/parameter Description
LDAP search LDAP search allows querying LDAP server for objects.
Host LDAP server IP address.
Login Login of the user allowed to browse the directory.
Password Password of the user allowed to browse the directory.
Domain Directory domain to query.
Filter Objects filtering parameter.
Attributes LDAP search attributes.
Ping Ping sends a sequence of 10 ICMP packets to selected host.
Numeric output only Does not resolve host’s IP address to its mnemonic name.
Record route Enables tracking packets’ route.
netcat etcat allows establishing connection with remote host on specified port number.
host host is used to determine if the DNS server correctly resolves mnemonic hostnames.
traceroute traceroute allows for determining packets’ route between Fudo PAM and the specified host.
Do not resolve hop addresses Subsequent hop IP addresses are not resolved to mnemonic names.
Use ICMP ECHO instead of UDP datagrams Enforces traceroute to use UDP packets instead of ICMP.
Firewall evasion mode Enforces the same port numbers for UDP and TCP packets. Target port is not incremented with each packet sent.
Set the “don’t fragment” bit Disables packet fragmentation in case the packet exceeds defined MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value defined for the network. Exceeding the MTU value results in an error.

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