Adding cluster nodes


  • Session and configuration data (servers, users, safes, accounts, listeners, external authentication servers) of the joining node are deleted and initiated with data replicated from the cluster.
  • Data model objects: safes, users, servers, accounts and listeners are replicated within the cluster and object instances must not be added on each node. In case the replication mechanism fails to copy objects to other nodes, contact technical support department.

To add a node to Fudo PAM cluster, proceed as follows.

  1. Log in to the Fudo PAM administration panel where the cluster has been initiated.
  2. Select Settings > Cluster.
  3. Click Add node to display new node configuration parameters.
  1. Provide node’s name and optional description.
  2. Provide node’s IP address.


Management option has to be enabled on given network interface. Refer to Network settings: Network interfaces configuration for details on configuring network interfaces.

  1. Click . to download node’s SSH key.
  2. Click Submit, to add node definition.
  3. Copy cluster key to clipboard.
  4. Log in to administration panel of the joining node.
  5. Select Settings > Cluster.
  6. Click Join cluster.
  1. Paste cluster public SSH key and click Submit.
  1. Click I understand the consequences, proceed.


Cluster replication status can be reviewed on the dashboard or on the cluster settings view.

  • Session data - the timestamp of the session data replicated from the given node.
  • Objects - the timestamp of the replicated data model objects.

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