Fudo Enterprise 5.4 Documentation


The following are the enhancements and modifications introduced in version 5.4 of Fudo Enterprise:

  • Enhanced Discovery feature:

    • Two new Discovery scanner types added:

      • Domain Controller Servers scanner for discovering servers on domain controllers,
      • Windows Local Accounts scanner for discovering local accounts on Windows servers.
    • Enhanced Domain Controller Accounts scanner:

      • Now you have the possibility to choose password changer and password changer policy which will be assigned automatically to discovered accounts.
      • You can use Base DN and Group DN during accounts scan.
  • Optimization of the Listeners tab interface - configuring, searching, and filtering listeners is now easier and faster.

  • Optimization of the Users tab interface - configuring, searching, and filtering users is now easier and faster.

  • Added support for LAPS and CyberArk Credential Provider external password repositories.

  • LDAP synchronization has been enhanced to include certificate subject assignment and SSH key retrieval from the domain. Now you can obtain a user certificate or retrieve an SSH key from the certificate to assign it as one of the user’s authentication methods.

  • Support for SFTP backup protocol.

  • Support for certificate authentication in the Admin Panel.

  • Support for Kerberos in the Active Directory external authentication method. You can enable or disable the Kerberos authentication option globally. By enabling it, Kerberos will be used as a first step in RDP sessions authentication against the server and in the Active Directory external authentication method.

  • Uploading servers list from CSV file. This new functionality enables you to create a large number of servers automatically based on data placed in a text file.

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