Fudo PAM 5.2 Documentation


Those are improvements and changes that come along with the 5.2 Fudo PAM version:

  • Deployed the email notifications about the Access requests.
  • Made VNC protocol to be supportable by the Web Client feature. Set it up for your Safe configuration.
  • Added the Bind address field to be set within configuration of the SMS and DUO external authentication methods.
  • Added Azure and Okta as authentication methods for the Admin Panel and Access Gateway.
  • Added a new checkbox to the Safe configuration: the OTP in Access Gateway option is enabled by default.
  • Added support for ED25519-SK and ECDSA-SK types of SSH keys.


This is the last release, where Fudo PAM supports:

  • Oracle and Citrix / ICA protocols
  • Hitachi ID HiPAM and Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager integration
  • NLA protocol for the RDP listeners


  • a widget within a Server object definition that allowed an administrator to add multiple hosts from a predefined IP range will be removed
  • RemoteApp support for an RDP server will be suspended, but will be reactivated in future releases

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