Time access policy

Wheel Fudo PAM can regulate access to safes based on time. To define time based safe access, proceed as follows.

  1. Select Management > Users.
  2. Find and click desired user to access its configuration parameters.


Define filters to limit the number of objects displayed on the list.

  1. Click desired safe object.
  1. Select the Blocked option to disable access through given safe.
  2. Provide Valid from and Valid to dates to define time interval when user is allowed to access servers through given safe.
  3. Select Enable time policy option.
  4. Select the Reveal password option to allow user to view the passwords to accounts that are grouped in selected safe.


Passwords can be viewed in User Portal.

  1. Click the weekly calendar to define time intervals during which the user will be allowed to connect to servers.
  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Save.

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