Trusted time-stamping

A trusted timestamp makes recorded session a more convincing evidence in court.


Trusted time-stamping feature requires signing a contract with an institution providing time-stamping services.

Enabling and configuring trusted time-stamping


Wheel Fudo PAM will also timestamp sessions recorded before the feature was enabled.

  1. Select Settings > Timestamping.
  2. Select the Enabled option.
  3. Select from the Provider drop-down list the institution providing trusted time-stamping services.
  4. Provide the certificate and the private key of the time-stamping service.


You should receive these information from your time-stamping service provider.

  1. Click Save.


Trusted time-stamping requires that Wheel Fudo PAM can reach the following resources:

  • (in case of time-stamping service being supplied by the PWPW)
  • (in case of time-stamping service being supplied by the KIR)

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