User authentication against external LDAP server

This chapter contains an example of configuring user authentication against external LDAP service.


The following description assumes that the admin user’s authentication data is stored on LDAP server accessible through IP address and default LDAP service port number - 389.

User definition is stored under cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com.



Adding external authentication source

  1. Select Management > Servers.
  2. Click Add external authentication source.
  1. Provide essential configuration parameters:
Parameter Value
Port 389
Bind to
Bind DN



Alternatively, define the path to where users definitions are stored cn=##username##,dc=example,dc=com and leave the LDAP base parameter in the user configuration empty

Encrypted connection fail
Delete fail
  1. Click Save.

Adding user authentication method

  1. Select Management > Users.
  2. Find and click the admin user definition.
  3. In the LDAP base field specify the location of admin object in the directory structure cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com.


Leave the LDAP base field empty if you specified where users are stored in the LDAP server configuration (cn=##username##,dc=example,dc=com).

  1. Click Add authentication method.
  1. Provide essential configuration parameters:
Parameter Value
Type External authentication
External authentication source LDAP bind dn:dc=example,dc=com
Delete fail
  1. Click Save.

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