Supported connection modes:

Supported client applications:

  • All official Microsoft clients for Windows and macOS,
  • FreeRDP 2.0 and newer.

Supported OCR languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Russian


  • When authenticating Fudo users against AD (or other external source) the TLS+NLA (Network Level Authentication) is not supported; TLS mode is used instead. NLA mode on server side is supported.


Fudo natively supports RemoteApp connections over RDP protocol. Application windows are recorded the same way as RDP connections, enforcing all Wheel Fudo PAM security restrictions.

To monitor RemoteApp sessions, the connection must be launched through a *.rdp configuration file with the Wheel Fudo PAM IP address and the port number defined.

Connections initiated over Remote Desktop Web Access can be monitored by Fudo only in Transparent/Gateway mode as the Remote Desktop Web Access can not provide Fudo IP address instead of original destination server.