Wheel Fudo PAM stores all recorded servers access sessions, allowing to playback, review, delete and export to one of supported video format.

Sessions management page allows filtering stored user sessions, accessing current users connections and downloading stored sessions. It also provides status information on each session and enables access to session sharing options.

Icon Description
play Start session playback (applicable to sessions with the entire traffic recording option selected in connection properties).
timestamp Icon indicating that session has been timestamped.
reason Purpose why the user has connected to the server.
tag Session has been commented.
index Session has been processed for full-text search purposes.
share Access session sharing management options.
download Download session material i selected file format (applicable to sessions with either complete or raw traffic recording option selected in connection properties).
activity User activity monitor (applicable to live sessions).

To open sessions management page, select Management > Sessions.


Wheel Fudo PAM stores compressed session material which may result in differences between the displayed and the actual session size.