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Documentation Structure

1. General information

This chapter covers system overview, data model and user authorization methods.

2. Configuration

This chapter covers detailed configuration procedures.

3. Sessions

This chapter contains information on stored access sessions.

4. Productivity analysis

This chapter describes the productivity analysis module.

5. Administration

This chapter contains administration procedures.

6. Reference information

This chapter contains reference information which supplement Wheel Fudo PAM administration topics.

7. Troubleshooting

This chapter contains solutions for potential problems which may occur when using Wheel Fudo PAM.

8. Frequently asked questions

This chapter contains frequently requested information about Wheel Fudo PAM.

9. Glossary

This chapter contains list of terms used throughout this documentation.

Conventions and symbols

This section covers conventions used throughout this documentation.


Uster interface elements.


Example value of a parameter, API method name or code example.


Note. Additional information closely reletad with described topic, e.g. suggestion concerning given procedure step; additional conditions which have to be met.


Warning. Essential information concerning system’s operation. Not adhering to this information may have irreversible consequences.


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