Domain Name Server - name server service which maps IP addresses to hosts names which are easier to remember.
Secure Shell - networking protocol for secure communication with remote systems.
Events logging standard in computer systems. Syslog server collects and stores log data from networked devices, which can be later used for analysis and reporting.
Characters string being a result of a hash function on input data, allowing to determine if the input data has been altered.
Remote Desktop Protocol - remote access protocol to computer systems running Microsoft operating system.
Remote access protocol to graphical user interfaces.
Remote Authentication Dial In User Service - networking protocol used to control access to different services within IT infrastructure.
Static password
Basic user authorization method which uses login and password combination to determine users’s identity.
Public key
Authentication method which uses a pair of keys - private (held only by the user) and public (publicly available) to determine user’s identity.
Complete user authentication and authorization solution, supporting different authentication methods i.e., mobile token (mobile phone application), static password, SMS one-time passwords, etc.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - distributed catalog services management and access protocol in IP networks.
Active Directory
Users authorization and authentication in Windows domain.
Active Directory - users authorization and authentication in Windows domain.
Short notation of network addressing, in which the IP address is written according to the IPv4 standard, and the subnet mask is provided as a number of 1 in the subnet mask in binary system ( -;
Network packet used for informing other cluster nodes about machine’s current state. If a cluster node does not receive a heartbeat packet in a given timeframe, it will take over the master node role and will start processing users’ requests.
anonymous safe
An anonymous safe has at least one anonymous account assigned to it and it can only have that type of accounts assigned. You cannot assign users to anonymous safes.
AAPM (Application to Application Password Manager) module enables secure password exchange between applications.
Efficiency Analyzer
Efficiency Analyzer module delivers statistical information on users’ activity.
PSM (Privileged Session Management)
PSM module is used for recording remote access sessions.
Server is a definition of the IT infrastructure resource, which can be accessed over one of the specified protocols.
Listener determines server connection mode (proxy, gateway, transparent, bastion) as well as its specifics.
User defines a subject entitled to connect to servers within monitored IT infrastructure. Detailed object definition (i.e. unique login, full name, email address etc.) enables precise accountability of user actions when login and password are substituted with a shared account login credentials.
Account defines the privileged account existing on the monitored server. It specifies the actual login credentials, user authentication mode: anonymous (without user authentication), regular (with login credentials substitution) or forward (with login and password forwarding); password changing policy as well as the password changer itself.
Safe directly regulates user access to monitored servers. It specifies available protocols’ features, policies and other details concerning users and servers relations.
Hot-swap mechanism enables replacing hardware components without the necessity to turn the system off.
time policy
Time policy mechanism enables defining time periods during which users are allowed to connect ot monitored hosts.
password changer
Tool which enables facilitating automated password changing on a server.
Mechanism which enables defining patterns which in case of being detected will trigger defined actions.
shared session
User session which was joined by another user.
AAPM module script, installed on the server, which enables secure password exchange between applications.
SSH access
Service access to Wheel Fudo PAM over SSH protocol.
Virtual networks mechanism, enabling separation of broadcast domains.
Mechanism for dynamic IP addressing management i LAN networks.
Session data hash value, which enables verifying that the data has not been modified.
external authentication server
Server storing user data used for verification of user login credentials when connecting to Wheel Fudo PAM or the monitored server.
passwords repository
Passwords repository manages password to privileged accounts on monitored hosts.
data retention
Data retention mechanism automatically deletes session data after define time period transpires.
redundancy group
Defined group of IP addresses, which in case of a system failure, will be seamlessly carried over to another cluster node to maintain the availability of the services.
RDP connections broker
Remote sessions management mechanism for server farms.
PSM (Privileged Session Monitoring) module enables monitoring and recording remote access sessions.